(request) Already-open reply box at end of thread

Do you mean on other discourse forums? Or other forum software? I haven’t seen it on other discourse forums.

But I think it’s done this way by design since most of the time people are reading and having the editor obstructs that view. Or when people want to reply to a specific comment, you’d click on the reply button there – which would already open the editor.

I think a better and easier way (as in already implemented) would be using the keyboard shortcuts to navigate the forum and reply (makes it so much better!). Here are a few:

  • j and k – Previous / Next comment (vim-like)

  • Shift+r Reply to topic

  • esc+r close reply box

You can also type ? for the full keyboard shortcuts.

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Other forum software. (At least, doesn’t look like this Discourse forum…)

No worries. Just a (relatively minor) thought. Thanks for the keyboard shortcuts workaround.

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Ah. I see. I guess this isn’t a forum in the typical sense and there might be an adaptation phase. But I think you’ll like it after some use :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: