Report of a clipboard problem

I used to be able to copy/paste between cubes by pressing Ctrl+C , Ctrl+Shift+C followed by Ctrl+Shift+V , Ctrl+V. However, this function has been unavailable for the past week, and I have tried restarting, but the function is still unavailable. I did not set anything special on the dom0 side, but is there a command or setting to restore it?

Also, I am browsing the forum while translating at DeepL, but when I reload, the loading stops at about 70%, and from there I have to reload every time. I think this is an issue with my environment, but I’m just reporting it.i use Fedora38 .



Can you please open a topic in Forum Feedback about the issue you’re experiencing with the forum not loading and adjust the title? That way we can tackle each issue in its own thread.

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Thank you. I just took a video that is not progressing while loading, so I will start another topic and discuss it there. First of all, I would like to edit the title of this topic. Is it possible to edit it after 24 hours? I believe the topic creator can edit it even if it has been 24 hours…

Maybe you can’t edit yet. As you use the forum more, you’ll increase trust level and be able to change the title. I’ll change it for you. If you want it to be something else, just let me know. Thanks

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I see, I understand. Thanks for editing the title. I will post a separate topic on the forum loading issue later.

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