Replicate default-dvm template alike in QubesOS 4.2


I am running latest QubesOS 4.2 from fresh install.

I would like to create a wallet-dvm Template from Template fedora-38
To do so, I copy the same settings as default-dvm (Type: AppVM with Advanced > Disposable template).

In the wallet-dvm Template I want to install Firefox wallet (Metamask, etc…) plugins.
Then I want to run disposable APPS (Qubes 4.2 menu) from wallet-dvm with fresh install of the wallet.

However copying default-dvm and whonix-workstation-17-dvm settings to create my template wallet-dvm, the behavior or disp apps differs.
My template crypto-dvm shows in both APPS and Templates (4.2 menu) but the icon is one unique cube. While default-dvm shows 2 cubes icon.
If I start a dvm app in APPS with default-dvm it actually start a disposable while if I start my APPS wallet-dvm, it seems to simply start the Template.

I can’t find the instruction to replicate the default-dvm behavior (one template and then to be able to run several disposable app on this template). And to finally have the same icon (2 cubes) so I can run 10 disposable wallet-dvm on my template wallet-dvm with fresh plugin wallet installed.

Any support or links are welcome!

Thank you,

try qvm-features wallet-dvm appmenus-dispvm True in dom0

I’ve noticed this too - I think clear bug in handling of new dispvm
templates, on some occasions.
I dont know if fixed on reboot.

Yes you’re right!
After reboot the display in APPS menu is correct (double cubes icon).

Another bug is: No applications are showing up in the APP > crypto-dvm although I have all applications added in settings.
Fix: I’ve removed all applications in settings, apply the changes. Come back to settings, add my applications one more time and now everything works like a charm!

Thanks for your time!

I think modifying a single application and applying should solve the menu issue, it’s a bug though.