Replace sys-usb with a minimal (Debian) usb-dvm: Unable to reset PCI device

I try to make a new USB Qube (usb-dvm) based on a Debian minimal disposable template.

I have the following error:

Package which has been installed:


Templates and AppVM configuration:

# ${1} "standard" templateVM name (deb-xx-m-usb)
# ${2} disposable templateVM name (deb-xx-m-usb-dvm)
# ${3} disposable serviceVM  name          (usb-dvm)
# ${4} label (red)

# create disposable templateVM (based on the "standard" templateVM)
qvm-create   ${2} --template ${1} --label gray

# configure template as disposableVM
qvm-prefs    ${2} autostart false
qvm-prefs    ${2} netvm ''
qvm-prefs    ${2} template_for_dispvms true
qvm-prefs    ${2} default_dispvm ${2}
qvm-prefs    ${2} virt_mode pvh
# create disposable serviceVM
qvm-create   ${3} --class DispVM --template ${2} --label ${4} --property virt_mode=hvm --property provides_network=true --property netvm="" --property autostart=true
# attach pci
qvm-pci attach --persistent usb-dvm ${USB}

PS: My old sys-usb is still listed as backup but I unchecked Start qube automatically on boot. I also used it to verify my USB device (PCI settings).

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You need to add the no strict reset flag:

$ qvm-pci detach -v sys-usb dom0:00_14.0
$ qvm-pci attach -v --persistent --option no-strict-reset=True sys-usb dom0:00_14.0
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Or, if that doesn’t work to set the qube in virt_mode pv

Thanks @BEBF738VD your proposal worked for me.
Just one correction, you mean (in my case) network-dvm instead of sys-usb here:

My usb-dvm is working fine, but now my keyboard and mouse is still blocked. Previously, this one-liner did the job (for sys-usb):

sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.usb-keyboard

But I guess, this works only for a usb qube which is named sys-net.

Now, I wonder which policies do I need to update:
The keyboard and mouse policies in /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/ are obsolete and I cannot find the corresponding file or line in /etc/qubes/policy.d/ directory.

The old policy format will still be supported until at least Qubes 5.0.

So you should be fine just updating those.

Did you mean sys-usb?
You can change the value of the following in /srv/formulas/base/virtual-machines-formula/qvm/usb-keyboard.sls:

  - qvm: sys-usb

Or just remove those two lines entirely (since that’ll require another state)

Then in the same file you’ll have to replace 'sys-usb' accordingly.

yeah, sorry typo. Correct, I meant sys-usb.

I cannot find this file. My directory ends here /srv/formulas/ I do not have a base folder.

You need to be root. Run sudo -i before.

I got an error message…

So, I decided to redo the modifications manually on the obsolete /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/ files. This works, now.

Thanks for your support!

Now, I can check:

  • network- dvm
  • firewall-dvm
  • usb-dvm

all automatally created via a Debian minimal script.

Next, on my list

  • audio-dvm
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No worries. Out of curiosity, why this whole effort? Wouldn’t it be easier to create dvm templates and use those for sys vms?

I want to have a minimal template for each Qube (= Application).

My network-dvm requires i.e. qubes-core-agent-networking, qubes-core-agent-network-manager, firmware-iwlwifi, gnome-keyring whereas my usb-dvm requires qubes-usb-proxy, qubes-input-proxy-sender, exfat… ntfs… eject …

Some of my major to dos are still:

  • apt-cacher (auto setup and auto-vm configuration)
  • audio-dvm

Currently, it looks like this:

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What I was saying is, instead of replacing (for example) sys-usb with usb-dvm, why not just replace the template?
Less of a hassle I’d think, especially with policies. Then again, it was just curiosity so you do what works best for you!