Renaming a template with sys-usb in the way without a ps/2 device

So, I want to rename fedora-38-xfce to t-fedora-38-xfce…but there’s sys-usb in place, and I don’t have any ps/2 devices – and I currently am having a condition happen where I am mentally dull. It’s nothing I cna control, and will pass in several months – it’s called sydenhams chorea – but throwing that aside, would somebody mind writing the qubes script by chance? I don’t think it’d be too complicated, I just know it’s way out of my current wheelhouse. Sorry to ask this, I just have no other way I can think to do this. There are other devices connected to this template if that matters, too.


  • clone fedora-38-xfce to a t-fedora-38-xfce
  • open dom0 terminal and insert

qvm-shutdown --wait sys-usb; qvm-prefs -s sys-usb template t-fedora-38-xfce; qvm-start sys-usb

  • delete fedora-38-xfce
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alright. many thanks, friend!

…it’s about 5 seconds of trembling… :slight_smile:

Lol. It would’ve taken my hours at my current mental capacity… so you just saved me a lot of time lol

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