Removing XFCE?

Hello. Any news on this?

Ah i thought that you were watching my thread here

Recently i’m still playing with gnome, I’ll post the guide tonight it will include, i3, xfce, gnome, kde environment in your installer.

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Got it. I started watching that thread.
I am now writing a bash script that I can run on a clean QubesOS install that will hide those redundant dmenu items that I listed in the original thread above. I decided to hide them instead of dnf remove’ing them, since, some obscure QubesOS program/background routine might make use of those xfce tools.

I’ve been using gnome for 2 days, aside from problem that i listed (cosmetic and notification) in the qubes-devel, everything just work even without xfce things.

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What about Xfce Power Manager applet/program? Don’t you need that, or do you use some Gnome utility that’s taking its place? What would be the i3wm environment analogue for that?

do you mean xfce power manager is what you see in the top right and xfce menu / program in the top left?

could you take a screenshot your desktop ? I might misunderstand.