Removing webcam and microphone access - Standalone VMs

I’m a journalist who needs to practice a medium level of privacy during research. I spun up a standalone VM. How can I block the webcam and microphone? Preferably through Qube os itself.

Is it blocked by default?

They won’t be attached to your VM by default:

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Even if they are internal microphone and webcam?

They are still blocked by default even if they are internal microphone or webcam

How come the internal mousepad work? Are they in a different category?

The mouse connects to sys-usb which handles all or most of the usb ports

If you take a look in the top right corner icon looking like an usb memory stick and a floppy, this is used to assign special devices like USB, storage and microphone to Qubes VMs.

The default is to allow PS2 mouse (internal mousepad are rarely using USB) for the dom0 to allow you to use the system painlessly. If you had an USB mouse, you would be prompted at login if you want to use it for dom0 or not.