Remove manually created sys-usb while using usb keyboard and mouse?

I created sys-usb manually for use with my usb keyboard and mouse
and i am able to use it just fine, but it is leading to mouse freezes and stutters which were not there before i created it .
How do i delete it, without using a ps2 mouse or keyboard

my usb in dom0 is not restricted and no usb related line is there in grub configuration
but as soon as i run qvm-shutdown sys-usb
i can do nothing else then ofc. Cos my keyboard and mouse disconnect.
cannot even enter y on the question it asks, this will remove the vm sys-usb are you sure??

so how do i get to the previous state without a sys-usb??? Without having to reinstall the system

solved it, just created a script and ran it
script had the commands
qvm-shutdown --wait sys-usb
qvm-remove --force sys-usb

and then hit the reset button on my pc