Remote control QubesOS - DWService qube


I know it should be considered as a security whole, however, I use my Qubes installation as main OS, for almost everything.

I’ll have remote course where my teacher needs access to my computer using great, open-source DWService.
So I have to set up a qube where I’d install DWAgent which will allow externally to use apps from qube, of course mouse and keyboard interaction is needed.

Current state:
Debain-10 based qube (of course in new, separated template)
DWAgent installed and running
Almost there. Mouse is able to move, select, left/right click. Unfortunately keyboard doesn’t work.

From the security site it’s interesting topic too, as we may need to protect from every external input, especially this kind.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Have you seen this one? It has contributions from the Qubes developers and is maintained by the developer of whonix:

Edit: It’s not yet well documented and I’m not sure it’s finished, but worth looking into. Here are some related docs

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But I think the above-linked is probably for full computer control. What you would want in that situation is at most give access to one VM, which could be the case with the DWService you mention (haven’t looked into it yet).

Interesting. My assumptions would be that the mouse would be the trickiest part.

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I have some strong feelings against having any remote support available with an install. It defeats the principle.

However, if a user wishes to have remote support he/she can install the required package to do so.

Under no circumstances should it be included in an install as this will make Qubes security features useless.

It behooves any remote developers not to provided the user a solution to cancel that access at any moment.

Incidentally, if you were horsing around with the safe remote https://www.qubes-os.orgg/doc/safe-remote-ttys/ and you wanted to cancel the access? Would any of you know how to do it?

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Thank you all for support! :slight_smile:

After reading yours articles and digging into that topic I explained problem to my teacher so we ended up with just screen-sharing.

I’ll leave this open for anyone interested in Qubes remote control (but if you want it can be closed)