Remote connect to Windows10 Qubes

Hi Guys.

So recenty setup a Windows10 Qubes. Setup GPU passthrough for it so I can Game. and have it working on a second monitor yippy (with a blank box appearing on primary monitor I assume this is normal)

(this is all under a pretty fresh 4.1.2 install)

Hard bit done I thought I will install TightVNC windows side, and remote into it from Remmina running in another qube just so I always have a backup way to access the machine if needs be.

It wont connect, I assume I am missing something obvious within the firewall setting but I can’t work it out.
Windows is default install of TightVNC with password “1234” if it makes a difference.
Remmina is default install as well, VNC protocal using internal ip 10.137.XX.XX

Anyone remoted desktop with the interal IP’s and got it working?

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