Remmina RDP audio - no audio output device is installed

RDP with Remmina into Windows 10. Windows 10 RDP and Media Streaming is enabled. Audio works properly from Windows 10 GUI.

Bottom right in Windows tray when using Qubes/Fedora/Remmina: “No Audio Output Device Is Installed”

Qubes VM is listed in PulseAudio Manager under Clients tab.

Qubes VM will play sound via YouTube, for example, directly in Firefox browser. No sound from RDP session.

VM Settings/Virtualization set to default (PVH). In Devices tab, if I try to add “Audio device: Intel Corp Sunrise…” receive error "Can’t attach PCI device to VM in pvh mode. Not sure if this matters.

In PulseAudio Preferences, basically nothing was checked. Checked a bunch of boxes, but didn’t make a difference. Perhaps I just didn’t check the right combination.

Couldn’t find any sound/audio settings in Remmina. Some internet forum mention of using code to enable audio on previous versions of Remmina/Fedora, but sounded like that was a known issue that probably got fixed (around 2014). Not sure.

External speakers attached to QubesOS desktop working properly. Speakers are not listed in Qubes Devices from system tray. Only “dom0 - microphone” (and hard disk…)

Spent too many hours trying to fix this myself. Need help. Thanks.