Reinstalling Qubes without the .iso file

I after installing Qubes OS for the first time (a few months ago) started customising dom0 with Xfce theming, installed awesome wm, KDE and also transfered some wallpapers from domu(s) to dom0.

In the official documentation I saw the devs recommending not to use or install apps and not to put files into dom0. Now I think that my dom0 is compromised. So I would like to reinstall. It’s been a while since the installation and I can’t find the live usb that I used for Qubes.

But in the terminal when I type “sudo anaconda -G” I can see some output lines but it doesn’t continue or start a fresh installation. So I would like to know whether I can use this “anaconda” in command line to reinstall Qubes OS without an iso!

Help is highly appreciated!

If you think that your dom0 was compromised than there is no point in reinstalling Qubes OS directly from compromised dom0 even if it was possible. The same goes for downloading and creating bootable USB with Qubes OS installer on a compromised system.
You need to download and create USB with Qubes OS installer on another non-compromised system.

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Thank you for your advice!