Regression: Category badge style is no longer set to box

After the update to the latest Discourse version they advise that those who want to keep the box style for category badges should install this theme component:

This wasn’t done after the update and hence caused this regression which renders the forum’s style much worse.

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cc @admins @moderators

I took a bit of a look at this the other day and I couldn’t find where this had an effect. Can you please share a screenshot?

Sure, here’s how it was prior:

And how it is now:

(Sorry for two consecutive replies, I could only add one image per post)

Thanks. I see what you mean. It’s minor than what I expected. Personally I don’t have such a strong opinion on this the previous was perhaps nicer, but I think we should stay as close as possible to upstream (what discourse decides).

At least for minor UX stuff. But that’s just my opinion. What do others think.

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The previous style was better better IMO, but I also understand sticking to upstream is easier for maintenance.

I like the new category badges better than the old.

They don’t take focus away from the post title, while still being easy to read, and they have the same design as the sidebar category list.

FWIW I think you would still be sticking to upstream, the recent change with moving the category badge style to its own theme component is just code refactoring (and it’s not like it’s abandoned, it will keep being maintained).

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