Reddit: Official Qubes Discourse should be rename to Forum

On the sidebar of /r/Qubes it lists the forum like this:

Two things:

  1. The link should point to the new forum address
  2. It could say “Official Qubes Forum” instead of “Discourse”. Many users will have no idea that “Discourse” is a forum software.



I don’t see any such link in the sidebar, even in a fresh disposable with no browser extensions. Can you provide a link or a screenshot or something?

Here’s what I see:

Oh, it just occurred to me that you might be looking at

…and sure enough, there it is.

In light of Reddit’s monumentally stupid layout shenanigans, I’m just going to do my best to nuke that sidebar section.


Sorry, didn’t hover over your link (which I now see uses until just now.

Should be good to go now. Let me know if you spot any further problems.

Ah. Wow. Reddit is in fact very weird… So weird that I use old version. Sorry about that. Didn’t notice that sidebar was deprecated.

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You should check out Teddit. Here is the description from its “About” page:


Seems to be fixed

@dom0 the teddit is probably still cached. It should refresh soon, I guess.

However, @adw I would suggest having a link there for this forum. I know it’s linked to on the website. But maybe some people never see it and proving a link to this forum there, can help some folks who want to get out of reddit.

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I’ve considered this in the past. Here are the reasons I haven’t done so (yet):

  1. The subreddit is an unofficial community venue. I’m just a mod there. We don’t have full ownership or control over it. An anonymous community member does.
  2. The subreddit is already smaller than this forum.
  3. Some people might be passionate about Reddit as a platform or their communities there (just as we are about ours here). They might be upset by attempts to “poach,” especially when their group is already smaller, so I wanted to avoid the appearance of any heavy-handed efforts to drive people from the subreddit to our own forum.
  4. If we put a link to the forum somewhere prominent there, then that raises the question of why we don’t also add a link to the docs, and the downloads page, and the donation page, and the partners page, and the unofficial IRC chats, and the Twitter page, and the Facebook page, and the LinkedIn page, and… The more links we add, the more likely it is that some will go out-of-date and be forgotten (like the ones you just discovered).
  5. If the concern is that a link to the main website isn’t enough because the forum is hard to find on the main website, then it sounds like that’s the real problem, and we should address the root cause instead of the symptoms. (Feel free to open an issue for this, though I think it might already be covered by one of @ninavizz’s.)
  6. There’s already this pinned post in the subreddit that links to Help, support, mailing lists, and forum | Qubes OS. In some ways, it’s better to link to Help, support, mailing lists, and forum | Qubes OS instead of linking directly to the forum, since (a) it encourages people to read the discussion guidelines and gain an overall understanding of how free community support works and what the available venues are, (b) some people may want to use the mailing lists instead, and (c) some people may actually have a bug report rather than a help request.

Let me know what you think of these reasons. I’m open to being convinced otherwise.


I agree, there needs to be a clear governance around what is “official” and we pay attention to dutifully, vs what we let grow/go wild. However, these kinds of pages are also what I’d thought to list as “Unofficial Socials” in the website Figma.

Per Andrew’s #5, I do think there is a big problem with the website not clearly enough positioning how Qubes users can get “support,” and also not quickly enough revealing those paths (eg: users have to sort through pages of content a developer or OSS regular might have the patience to sort through, but consumer-website trained users don’t expect to have to sort through).

I just began a corporate job, so cannot be as responsive to Qubes stuff this week and possibly next, as I’d like, but next Wednesday can attend to the team meeting—and would be totally up to discuss this then, or at another time. I agree, I’d much rather solve it on the website (at the source of the problem) than do whack-a-mole elsewhere.


Fair enough! Sounds good :slight_smile:. Sorry for the trouble.

No trouble at all!

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Never trouble! I miss you guys, and look forward (a LOT!) to getting over the hump of my new job’s newhire firehose… :smiley:

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