Recreate broken DVM

New install of Qubes
Did not choose DispVMs in initial configuration.
Restored appVMs from backup.

Loaded DispVMs using dom0$ sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.default-dvm

debian-10-dvm template was created as expected

dom0$ qvm-run --dispvm=debian-10-dvm qubes.StartApp+xterm
disp5685: command failed with code: 127

I have a working, default debian-10-dvm and can reproduce your error. I guess the last command must be wrong.

Yes, I copied that command from instructions on this board. Intuitively
dom0$ qvm–run --dispvm=debian-10-dvm xterm
should work, and it does. Thanks.

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qubes.StartApp calls a desktop file - on Debian, the file is named
So you need to call qubes.StartApp+debian-xterm

qvm-run in other forms calls the program by name - xterm

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