Recovering VM frozen (firefox and terminal)

Please guidance and resources.

Whilst working on the VM (personal fedora 37) heavily with firefox (many tabs) and kitty terminal for a couple of days, it got frozen. How can I recover the shell scripts I was writing on vi (and possibly also the open tab list), please?

Qubes 4.1.2 - Fedora 37
Lenovo ThinkPad T480 (not sure how to check memory, neofetch says Memory: 1345MiB / 3860MiB - I guess it’s 8GB)

I have tried:

  • restarting the VM (appears as on, but I can’t open terminal or anything)
  • restarting the ThinkPad

More info:

  • I use my old dotfiles that have been through osx and debian, I lost once before on this same machine a VM which froze sometime after having those stowed.
  • I use had ssh keys to sync with codeberg/gitlab/github on this machine, I lost once before on this same machine a VM which after having ssh keys, when rebooted, could not even open terminal.

First thing you should do is to clone your VM using its Settings.
Then try to recover the cloned VM.
Maybe this issue happened because your VM (or VM template) is of out of disk space.
Can you open your VM template terminal successfully?
If yes, then try to increase private storage in your cloned VM Settings and then try to start the VM.
If it won’t start then you can try to mount it in your disposable qube and try to fix the VM disk with fsck: