Recommended amount of space for a Windows qube

Hi, Everyone and anyone, Qubes newbie here.

What is the recommended amount of space for a standalone Windows 10-11 qube?
Storage Wise

Qubes uses thin-lvms. This means, that you can give your linux qubes 100 GB of storage which is its quota. It will only use as much disk space as actual data is stored in the qube.

However: Windows is not smart enough to enlarge its partitions automatically/ the used FS is not well supported for this. It is possible to increase it manually tho.

Online i read that Win10 would need an astonishing 32GB of storage for a dry installation.

How much space you need on your windows WM highly depends on what you want to do with it.

Estimate how much data you plan on storing in it and add ~35 GB.

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