Recommend laptop please

Hello, folks. I am looking for a laptop which can run Qubes and windows if I have to switch. I would love to have coreboot (not necessary requirement). I am a medical professional (radiologist) and constantly needs to work with dicom viewers & files.
I am currently 5year user of qubes-os on my desktop. Currently searching for a good laptop with good graphics capabilities. I love qubes-os, so wants that laptop to be compatible with qubes. And one more thing, product should be available for delivary in non-us and non-european countries.
Thanks in advance.

What are your price expectations? Screen resolution?
DICOM apps will almost certainly work in Windows qubes.

May be off topic, but do you use a mechanical keyboard? I want to open a topic, as I have a minor bug with it (keychron) when using Qubes.

It has been disused couple times.

Here is one Hey I'm looking for a good laptop - #13 by 51lieal

Try to search for other threads and link it here for future reference.

Price no bar.
Screen resolution AT Least 1900x1200 (have I understood you correctly?)

@51lieal Can you tell your model of Lenovo Legion?

which of three will be a great choice
lenovo legion
HP Omen 7840HS
HP Omen 6800H