Recomended Hardware for Desktop

hi. Is there any recomended hardware for “Desktop” or any approach?

I only found for laptop. THanks

Really? Have you looked at Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) | Qubes OS ?

My favourite


Hi @astra323 ,
I use an intel NUC10, available in the HCL.

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Thanks that’s a great suggestion.

I may be wrong but I don’t see as recommended but compatible.
I’d expect to find something recommended without proprietary boot software.

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NUC10 works like a charm with 4.1 (and requires several painful hacks on 4.0). It also makes sense to upgrade to 64Gb.

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Classic, this is starting to look like the beginning of this dialogue.
[Sorry for the off topic]

If you are looking for something that is Qubes certified, there are (as
yet) no certified desktops.
If you want recommendations from users then no doubt people will chip
If you want a corebooted machine, then you’ll have to do some research.
You could start by seeing what desktops are available with coreboot, and
then cross reference against the HCL.
As always, you will need to be clear about what you are looking for,
in terms of security, and in terms of capability, what budget you have,
and how you balance these. It’s surprising how few people start from
that point.

Once you’ve reached a decision, don’t forget to submit an entry to the
HCL, and perhaps post back here with your experience. That will be
really helpful to others in the position you are in now.

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Since I am more software guy than hardware I am wondering how upgradable is this device, for example:

  • Ethernet 1G to 10G
  • Cpu

hi, thanks for that suggestion. Don’t know how easy would be for me to find/get such device with Intel ME disabled and coreboot. Probably just for pro players?

Note Edit: Probably is time to invest in some raspberry pi