Reboots on upgrades?

<[olli]> where can I make Dom0 upgrades to always prompt for reboot? I've my Qubes rebooted on upgrades at least two times w/o my explicit confirmation. That reboots are not very handy when talking about QA.
<godo> i am not aware of any kind of automated reboots on qubes
<[olli]> Then there's a bug I need to trace. I've used upgrade tool and my Qubes 4.0.3 has rebooted.
<[olli]> That is not always. But that's at least second time I'm using it.
<godo> i am not using the update tool in general, but automated reboots there would be ... unexpected.
<[olli]> I dislike, but accept auto-reboots if them're controlled by explicit user setting. 
<[olli]> Also this could matter:
<[olli]> I'm enabling updates for Qubes that are not marked for updates
<[olli]> Thus updates may come not in order.

Any comments? Should I dig it deeper or this is okay when Dom0 is marked for updates?