Rebooted (unsuccessfully) without my permission

Right after (or during, I’m not sure if it finished) installing the debian 12 template, my whole computer froze then rebooted, but didn’t successfully get back into Qubes. In fact, it looks like my hard drive isn’t bootable anymore.

  1. Has anyone else had issues with the debian 12 template?
  2. Is it possible this was an attack on my machine?

Qubes 4.1, I had debian11 but modified it in a way that broke firefox shortcuts. I also have issues with my disp firefox qube freezing up every once in a while (today, it froze up so bad I had to kill the whole qube).

Did you have enough free space on your disk?

ew, I didn’t check.
However, there should have been plenty. It indicated the download was only 3 or 4 GB.

That’s before unpacking. After unpacking it could be ~7 GB. And there also could be root image copies used by filesystem, but I’m not sure about this.
Did you have 20-30 GB of free space?

I was able to get my system to boot. Here’s the panel widget and results of df -h because I’m not sure which part of disk space is needed for this operation:

Seems like it wasn’t a problem with free disk space.
In that case I’m not sure why your Qubes OS couldn’t boot.

Based on the visible dom0 terminal, the root mount (which includes both the /var/tmp and /home directories) has only 5.3G left. The debian-12 template .rpm is about 1.4G and unpacked it is about 5.6G, so it could definitely be a free space problem.

if I have plenty of free space elsewhere, how do I allocate some to the root mount?

@DVM ? @apparatus ? How do I get more free space for the root mount without wiping my whole hard drive and re-installing?

You’ll need to shrink vm-pool before extending root-pool to get more space for dom0.
I don’t know of a way to shrink thin LVM pool.
You can try this, but I don’t know whatever it’ll work or not (make sure to backup the system before trying):