Reasons to upgrade to 4.2?

Almost ever since I started using Linux, I’ve had a policy of waiting several months to upgrade to the latest version of whatever OS I’m using. The reason I did that was because every time I upgraded as soon as a new release came out, I encountered new errors/bugs. My logic has been to allow the brave people that want to upgrade immediately to encounter those bugs first so the OS’es developers can work on the bugs, then I can hop on a few months down the line when the majority of bugs are fixed.

Does this logic hold up as well with Qubes? What would I have to gain from upgrading to 4.2?

As long as you don’t need whonix 17 you can just use 4.1 until it goes EOL.

(be aware of the swich to nftables)


The release notes for 4.2 list some of the changes you may be interested in.

Besides that, any later release in the 4.2 series will likely fix bugs, so waiting is almost guaranteed to give you a more stable system. The trade-off is that you get it later.

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Qubes switches from iptables to nftables in 4.2? I was about to pay someone to write a script that will take any ip (socks proxy) and proxy all a qubes traffic through it. Will the script have to be seriously revised/rewritten if I upgrade to 4.2?

yes for example see here

I do this for my servers and firewalls, running Debian stable, and usually only worry about security updates.

For Qubes, I enjoy helping with testing the latest code. If I find a problem, just say so. Feedback always welcome here.