Reaper DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) inside AppVM

I’m trying to run Reaper inside an AppVM based off the Debian 11 template. I can confirm that pulseaudio is working fine, because I can watch videos and listen to music from within the AppVM.

Somehow Reaper doesn’t like the underlying sound setup, even though I explicitly configure it to use pulseaudio. When I open pavucontrol, all configs seem to be fine – I can’t see anything out of place.

I’m trying to avoid having to resort to a Windows VM for this, given that my usual workflow with Reaper on Linux has always been fine.

Has anyone ever got a DAW to work on Qubes?

I’ve just installed Qubes 4.1.0-rc4 and i’m running Reaper in a AppVM(Fedora-34) with a Zoom UAC-8 USB3 audio interface via Jack/Qjackctl.
Unfortunately the app freezes if i choose Pulseaudio as Audio System on Reaper Preferences/Audio Device Settings.
I would recommend to use Reaper with Jack as a sound server installed in you Debian 11 template.