Ready to launch 🚀

We’re almost ready to lauch the forum! (we just need consensus on this).

Some other stuff can also be tweaked later on, but it is non-blocking for the launch.

This is a wiki post, meaning that other users can edit it.

Where to announce?

Other things to do after launch

I have made this into a wiki post meaning that other users can edit it (except users who just joined the forum - trust level 0).

So you see anything missing, just edit it by clicking on:

And then on

I put some questions marks here because I don’t know how broad you want the announcement to be.

For me it would be in all possible places but I’ll leave that question to the Qubes team.

There some discussion about this here.

thanks for drafting this @deeplow sorry I missed it. @adw let’s finalized the discussion on this thread rather than the other.

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I have a usual routine for announcements across all channels (except chats), so if we decide to do a full announcement, I’ll handle this.

so I think we’re good to go?

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I think so :slight_smile:

This should all be taken care of now, with the possible exception of the unofficial chat channels, since I don’t participate there. If anyone wants to post the announcement there, please go ahead.

If there are any other items, please let me know!

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Thanks a lot @adw.

It also seems that the wind we got on our side also due to the lucky coincidence of google going evil (forcing logins for viewing qubes-users) it helping out a bit too (quite a few people seemed to care, from what I saw).

So I guess so far we can call it a successful launch! :slight_smile:

I am happy for your success :slightly_smiling_face: and I hope you have a successful launch!

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Thank you @ArthurFletcher!

I believe we did :slight_smile:

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Nice to hear that @deeplow! :slightly_smiling_face:

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