Re: [qubes-users] Witch one is the best?

I am planning to put a new system together at some point and saw this post when i was looking for AMD related posts.

I have a Radeon card that has the number of ports i need and works fine so i dont think i need to worry about graphics.

My question is, would some of the newer/faster AMD CPUs and chipsets work with Qubes?

I am more price/performance sensitive than i am "brand loyal" but it seems to me that one gets more speed for less money with AMD nowadays so was really hoping to get a faster AMD proc with an m2 drive and speedy mem?

Thoughts would be appreciated.

My question is, would some of the newer/faster AMD CPUs and chipsets
work with Qubes?

I can speak for the 2000 series working. I believe some people have
working 3000 series, but 4000 has been a serious issue. Not sure if
that's the CPU or the specific laptop.

Thanks. Actually I'd be totally happy with the 3000 series. The HCL seems to show that indeed up to 2000 seems to work fairly well with a few caveats i guess but i was not able to find any 3000 procs on the list. Anyone out there have AMD 3000 series, pref desktop that is working well?

Also, are there certain chipsets that work better with qubes than (hopefully somewhat newer ones)

Based on the patches that have to be applied to get Qubes 4.1 working on Ryzen 4000, I'd say its a Qubes-vs-CPU compatibility issue and not about the computers' other specifics.

BTW the patches are already applied in the Qubes 4.1 repository; I don't want to imply you have to do that manually. And a 4.1 alpha may be coming really soon.

But getting Qubes 4.0 working on Ryzen 4000 appears unlikely.

But a Ryzen 3000 is a relatively safe bet?

I would say the evidence is scant, except that someone with a Ryzen 3000 laptop had problems that sounded a lot like the Ryzen 4000 problems. OTOH at least one Ryzen 3000 _desktop_ is known to work:

For laptops, Ryzen 1xxx and 2xxx appear to be a safer bet. Personally, I think Ryzen 4000 is compelling enough to go through the trouble of building a Qubes 4.1 installer (and then fixing the installer's mistakes).

Well perhaps I will hurry up and wait :slight_smile:
I likely wont get around to my new build until after the new year, and while I am looking to upgrade (2012 i5 currently) I am not in a super hurry and not bent on getting the 4000 necessarily, was ready to settle for the 3000 (though sounds like qubes isnt quite ready for either).

Thanks for the info.