Re: [qubes-users] Re: B550 motherboard and Qubesos

I have a B550 + 3950X.
RX5700XT in the main gpu slot
GT1030 via the chipset

Installing with the dual GPUs was a /pain/, but once you get it installed [1] it seems to work mostly.

Networking works (but you need to set sys-firewall to not auto start)

Qubes will use the GT1030 with nouveau drivers[2], but struggling to get hardware acceleration working (currently driving 16m pixels feels noticeably laggy)

The RX5700XT seems to pass through to a VM without issue (needed to tweak the vm kernel args to remove nomodeset, but then the amdgpu kernel module loads and I get the expected device nodes) but I haven’t figured out how to persuade the vm to actually use the GPU for anything (I suspect I just need to RTFM on that front)

I have not had any issues with IOMMU or similar. (Though I did go through the bios with a fine toothed comb to enable all the IOMMU and similar things)

[1] I ended up patching the installer to include kernel-latest but that seems unnecessary. What seems required is forcing the installer to use the fbdev. Either kill anaconda in a second screen and start the install with anaconda —usefbx or (untested) add inst.usefbx

[2] I needed to explicitly set the Driver and BusID in the xconfig otherwise it gets confused by the AMD GPU and refuses to launch X.