Re: [qubes-users] Install Google Chrome in Fedora 32 Template

Hello Frederic,

I found a much easier approach by enabling network connectivity during template customization and using Google’s package repository.
This is fine for me, because my multimedia-AppVM will be declared as untrusted and is only used for specific “rich-media-tasks”.

This is how I’ve setup my multimedia-AppVM from dom0:

qvm-clone $Template $TemplateName

#Enable networking for template VM
qvm-prefs --set $TemplateName netvm sys-net

#Update Template
qvm-run --auto --pass-io --no-gui --user root $TemplateName
‘dnf -y update’
qvm-run --auto --pass-io --no-gui --user root $TemplateName
‘dnf -y install qubes-usb-proxy pulseaudio-qubes qubes-core-agent-networking’

Install Chrome

qvm-run --pass-io --no-gui --user root $TemplateName
‘dnf install -y fedora-workstation-repositories &&
dnf config-manager --set-enabled google-chrome &&
dnf install -y google-chrome-stable’

#Disable networking for template VM
qvm-prefs --set $TemplateName netvm sys-net
qvm-shutdown --wait $TemplateName

Create AppVM

qvm-create --template $TemplateName --label orange $AppVMName

Google Chrome can now be started via google-chrome from a terminal in the AppVM.
Of course you can also create a shortcut for the Qubes menu manually (it’s in the Qubes Docs) pointing to /usr/bin/google-chrome