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This works on the 4.2.1 release, this person made updates to switch from iptables to nftables.


That seems promising.

Does it mean that the whole procedure is still the same just instead of unzipping the 1.4.4 one downloads the replace-iptables-with-nftables and it should work as the original 1.4.4 on Qubes 4.1.

Will it work as a VPN over Tor including the Tor browser?

Chris Bensch:

So with the script replace-iptables-with-nftables I get LINK UP. Works nicely.

The only issue is that if I set the NetVM to the mullvad-vpn proxy for the anon-whonix AppVM, in Tor Browser or in terminal, I don't get a connection.

But if I set a NetVM mullvad-vpn proxy for normal debian AppVM Firefox, it works like a breeze.

It seems that it could be an issue with the Whonix. Are there any limitations in the Whonix design that prevent the beast from connecting to the VPN over Tor? I remember that the 1.4.4 in the Qubes 4.1 it was working.

Any workarounds?

'taran1s' via qubes-users: