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Thank you for the reply! Since I don't have Google account which seems to be required to view the initial discussion (as linked in the first post of the thread), could you please give me a brief summary of what the core issue is?

On Sep 17, 2020 23:19, Chris Laprise wrote: > > On 9/17/20 5:00 PM, Ondřej Fiala wrote: > > Hello, > > > > first a little bit of background: I am trying to install Qubes 4.0.3 on a system with Ryzen 3600 & GTX1650. After some tweaks, I have managed to get it to display the boot menu. However, when selecting the 'Install Qubes' option, it goes blank after 'launching installer'. When running in limited graphics mode, the same happens. The only visible error before this happens is "dracut-pre-udev[609]: rp.idmapd: conf_reinit: open ("(null)", 0_RDONLY) failed.". I am not sure how significant it is, but there is a lot of OK-looking output before the screen goes blank. When I edit limited graphics mode's options to xdriver=nouveau and remove the nomodeset option, this error is printed to output: "(EE) [drm] Failed to open DRM device for pci ...", followed by exiting with error. Also "Pane is dead". The driver in use is nouveau and according to nouveau's wiki, this error means that the GPU is not supported by the driver. Sure enough, Xorg lists the driver as only supporting cards before GTX400. However, the latest version of nouveau actually supports much newer cards, including GTX1650. This lead me to the thought that perhaps replacing the 4.19.94 kernel with a newer one, which should include a newer nouveau version, could fix this issue. So now the actual subject of my email: > > Your underlying problem is probably the same as ours in this Ryzen 4000 > laptop thread: > > Qubes Support on AMD 4000 Series (Lenovo X13/T14) > > We have taken the route of building Qubes 4.1 pre-releases with > updated/patched Xen 4.14 & Kernel 5.8. These appear to be the bare > minimum versions required for Ryzen 4000/Renoir chip sets. > > > > > How do I add new kernels to the iso? I am aware of the extrakernels/ directory in the iso's root, but I haven't been able to figure out in which format I should add them there for it to work. Note: I know how to modify the iso, that's not what this question is about. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. > > There was some discussion about that I think in the above thread. IIRC > altering a 4.0 iso was a manageable task but using above Xen version > with it appeared unlikely... while altering a 4.1 iso seems much harder. > > I think I just finished building my first Ryzen 4000-ready iso and I'm > about to test it! > > -- > Chris Laprise, > > > PGP: BEE2 20C5 356E 764A 73EB 4AB3 1DC4 D106 F07F 1886

The link is to, not google:

The core issue with the laptops is Xen 4.8 incompatibility (requiring 4.14 instead). Of course, Nvidia is not a factor in our case so maybe this isn't a match for your situation.

In general, when it comes to using open source OSes, I recommend people avoid Nvidia; it is a tightly closed graphics platform.

Please read more carefully next time – “Since I don’t have Google account which seems to be required to view the initial discussion (as linked in the first post of the thread)”. The first post says “continuing from discussion at [link to Google groups]” without explaining anything…

Anyways, thank you for the explanation. I am aware of Nvidia GPU’s limitations when it comes to compatibility with Linux, however the issue here is in Qubes not including the open source drivers, not the open source drivers working poorly…

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