Re-installing qubes after former install expired

I had a lot of help installing qubes a few years ago. My helper insisted that I had to remove the windows 10 os before we could install qubes. We installed qubes and I was learning to use it when I was interrupted and had to quit for a couple of years. Without regular updates my qubes os died—would not update and I was advised to re-install. The attempt was thwarted when the re installation reported that there was an older version and would not proceed. I tried installing from a usb but without any os at all, my computer couldn’t recognize the usb.
Does anyone have advice that might help? Please be gentle. I have lost some of my cyber during my absence so I will appreciate terminology that’s as basic as possible.

how you create the media installation ?

I downloaded the qubes os to a usb from the qubes web site.

but how in detail?