Re: [EXT] Re: [qubes-users] Qubes OS: .onion and links


    I noticed when I click the link "upgrading Fedora TemplateVMs" found on
    the onion version of the page (using the tor browser of whonix), you are
    directed to a non-onion page
    (, and you'll have
    to switch to onion again.

    In contrast when I click news items on
    I remain on onion sites.


Hello Ulrich. What page exactly? I can't find such a page on the QubesOS


Yes, the links on that page are hard coded to the clearnet site rather
than local links.
That's a mistake - but it is not peculiar to this page. A quick check
suggests that (almost?) all the news pages contain such links.
Thanks for pointing this out.

Ah, that's because people asked a long time ago for the News post plain text content to be copied into the body of messages to the mailing lists (not just a hyperlink to the website). At the time, it seemed easier just to include full URLs in the original Markdown source so that the plain text could more easily be copy/pasted into messages to the mailing lists, since the difference between absolute and relative links on the was transparent to users after Jekyll rendering. Of course, we did not foresee that something else would come to rely on the links to be relative rather than absolute. Now that this is the case, we can simply use relative links everywhere (including in these News posts) and write out the complete URLs when preparing the plain text content for the mailing lists.

I'm also converting existing links from absolute to relative and updating the doc guidelines on this point: