[rc4.2 r4] Q Menue starting wrong qube or user error, thoughts?

I have a bunch of appVMs same coloring and the same 1 app shows up under Settings.
For example: Q > APPS VM > Firefox

Now the firs time i thought i must have swiped the touchpad, now though for the second time while using the mouse this happened that the wrong AppVM was started which is above in the list.

I still do believe that it’s a user error and i didn’t see the mouse move up to wrong AppVM but i thought to just drop it here, maybe others witnessed it too but i am probably not yet used to the new Q Menu.

Does it work correctly if you use the keyboard to choose what to run?

thought i had added “not reproducible” or 'random occurrence" but i didn’t, so no, sorry

I moved the topic to the User Support category, where it is more likely to be found by folks experiencing similar issues… just in case it wasn’t user error.