Raspberry pi 4 8gb


Sorry for my bad English.
I want to buy a raspberry pi 4 8gb en install Qubes OS.
I Couldnt find any information on internet, is it possible to install en use Qubes OS as primary desktop system on the Rasberry pi 4 8gb? Thank you all for your help.

There is no support for qubes in ARM processors. I think there are plans to change that, but in the long run, only.


Thank you, in that case is a intel nuc a option?

Look at this post


I think the Xen Project which Qubes OS heavily relies on, did manage to get Xen running on a Raspberry Pi 4 only just recently:

A Qubes OS Workstation on a Raspberry Pi would not make much sense due to the lack of performance. The usage of Raspberry Pi computers is however mentioned in the ‘Qubes Air’ concept:

But that is not something to be expected around the corner. If you want to make your first steps with Qubes OS I would recommend to use x86_64 hardware that is known to be supported.


Thanx a lot, very kind guys.
I think a raspberry pi will not be a good idee.
But it is very difficult to find the right hardware for qubes os.
The list on the website is old hardware and beside of that the information is complicated.

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What is your budget?
What is important to you in using Qubes?
What do you want Qubes for?

Answer those questions: you can narrow down the choice of hardware a
great deal, and it becomes easier to advise you on hardware.
You may find that Qubes isn’t for you, or that you would do better to buy
two machines.

-My budget is 500 euro
-Important using is office, browser, mail
-Reason i choose for Qubes os is: im a lot of the time in Turkey. The Erdogan regime blocks a lot of websites and his team of hackers, hacks activist for woman rights, Kurdisch independence movement, christian minoritys etc.

I worked with ubuntu, macOs, windows for years. I think if i can learn Qubes os, i can teach/advise it also the activists to use.

This is also a good starting point


PS: A bit off-topic but if your budget is very low you can try i.e.
https://github.com/radio24/TorBox or https://github.com/necro-nemesis/Lokiap-webgui this will run with RPi 4 or even smaller SBC.

If it has to be a Single Board Computer:

I have an Udoo Bolt Gear which runs Qubes OS 4.1 very smoothly. This one may fit into your budget, but you have to keep in mind, that you’ll have to buy SO-DIMM RAM and M.2 SSD seperatly.

Some downsides:

Even running many Qubes simultaneously, I never experienced larger CPU-/ Memory-/ IO-bottlenecks; so it would be more than fine for that use case.

500 euros is a lot.
You could get a nice corebooted x230 i7, with 16GB RAM and SSD, (optional
Qubes preinstalled and configured as you will) for less than that.
Excellent machine for Qubes: not, of course, a single board computer,
and definitely “old hardware” - but if you want coreboot, you’re limited
in that respect anyway.