Rapoo Wireless Multi-media Touchpad Keyboard configuration

Hello people, and thank you for the greatest OS there is on Earth presently :slight_smile:

Please help, as I am trying to makem my Rapoo wireless keyboard working for days now.
It is not listed on theis web site, but it looks a lot like the K2800 on the following web site:
After I allow it (in the beginning after the OS is starting) I only have the mouse working.
If I switch to the keyboard from the settings, I loose the mouse.
So, it is either the mouse or the keyboard for now.
Please help.

Best regards.

Are you talking about touchpad or do you have separate mouse?

What settings are you talking about?

Hello and thank you for the answer.

  1. The keyboard has a built-in touchpad.
  2. I switched the settings in [Dom] Mouse and Touchpad, from ALPS Glidepoint, to sys-usb: Rapoo.

But now, the keyboard doesn’t work at all …