Randomly my Screen Locks?

What is this(fresh install) why randomly Locks Screen?
Even setting my Xfce Power Manager Display Tab all to 60mins,
System Tab(Security) ‘Lock screen when system is going to sleep’ (Disabled),
General Tab(Laptop Lid when closed) On battery and Plugged in both Hibernate.


Could you elaborate a bit more? By the screen locks, do you mean you have the screen saver and it prompts you for your password to get back to your graphical session? After how much time does it ask?

Do you look into XFCE configuration panel > Screensaver > “Look screen after X minutes” ?

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Sorry :sweat_smile: Oh I see. I didnt explore more. So there is a Screensaver Preference setting. Just a newb :rofl: . Just bit worried there why my screen locks randomly 5-10 mins even streaming a video. Thanks :+1:

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