Randomization of mac addresses in disposable sys-net

I learned that QubesOS donesn’t randomize mac addresses by default like Tails.
So I would like to set up automatic randomization of mac addresses for all wifi in the future.
But I set my sys-net to disposable when I installed Qubes.
How do I set it up in that case?

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Answer here

As @unman said, make the change in the underlying template, not in the disposable template. Then it will be inherited by the disposable template, and passed to the disposable.

I’d recommend having a dedicated template for sys-net in this case.

These are the changes:


Creating another new template is difficult for me as I just installed QubeOS, so I wrote the settings described in the link to the original fedora template.
I probably don’t need to change the sys-firewall settings.
I think I’m done now, but when I look at the clone mac address in network manager, it hasn’t changed to STABLE.
When I open sudo ip link show in sys-net it changes after link/ether.
Does this mean that the randomization of the mac address was successful?
After permaddr stays the same.


Qubes 4.1 comes with wifi mac randomization by default.