RAID 0 across two NVMEs?

I am trying to put together a computer and have been looking over the HCL so am hoping I have things covered with a Q470 (comet lake) chipset (though feedback on what I have come up with so far would be REALLY welcome

One thing I wasnt sure about was trying to get the fastest storage setup possible as that seems to be more important for Qubes than many other OSs/Distros (of course memory as well). I have read about others doing two (or more) NVME drives in RAID 0 so I wanted to check to see if that was possible with Qubes? If this is not realistic, anyone have any other thoughts on how to maximize storage speed to make those VMs spin up just a wee bit faster?


PS On a related note, to try to squeeze a bit more out of my old PC, would this be possible/beneficial with 2.5 SSD SATA drives and a 4th Gen (yeah am hurting) intel chipset?