R4.1 user bug reports

This issue doesn’t seem to be on Github

Not sure if this is a bug, but after configuring sudo prompt on debian-10-minimal, passwordless root is disabled, but the sudo prompts don’t appear–instead, the login instantly fails three times, each failure giving the message /usr/lib/qubes/qrexec-client-vm failed: exit code 126.

This exit code sometimes appears when using qubes-dom0-update after the updates have downloaded, but this hasn’t happened since I transitioned to debian-10-minimal.

This isn’t something I urgently need fixed (qvm-run -u root works) but having sudo prompts work in 4.1 would be nice.


P.S. I think we should have a separate category for 4.1 so we don’t end up burying vanilla users.

I started a thread about this in qubes-devel: " R4.1 some qubes-rpc
rules are not working". Should get a chance to do some troubleshooting

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I renamed this thread ‘R4.1 user bug reports’ so I’m not spamming the board while I play around with 4.1

The most recent update to dom0 (Oct 3 DRPMs that include binutils 2-34-5.fc32) made my USB keyboard input unstable–it no longer works most of the time, but occasionally works for no discernable reason.

Additional info:

  • sys-usb is based on debian-10-minimal and has three packages installed: qubes-usb-proxy, qubes-core-agent-passwordless-root, and qubes-input-proxy-sender
  • tasket’s vm-boot-protect and configure-sudo-prompt applied
  • /etc/qubes-rpc/policy/qubes.InputKeyboard has been modified to include sys-usb dom0 allow
  • Warning notifications (multiple repeats) appeared whenever sys-usb was started (along the lines of “@admin qubes.InputKeyboard failed”). After QubesOS reboot, these notifications no longer appear
  • USB mouse unaffected


Possibly related but most likely not:

When unmounting a USB device from a qube, there’s a notification indicating that the detachment is in progress but there’s nothing to indicate that the detachment is complete. In 4.0.3 the end of detachment is marked by notifications showing that the device(s) are available, as if they were just plugged in.


Edit: 3 days later: The problem somehow resolved itself. There was a large-ish update across all templates and dom0, so one of those (or a combination) is likely to have done the trick. Not knowing how to further probe and troubleshoot is giving me insights into why less-scientific cultures resort to superstition to deal with the whimsical (to them) natural environments they inhabit.

l have a feeling it won’t be long before I write posts on how to find solutions to your latest Qubes 4.1 problem via chicken entrails.


Qubes R4.1, updated (current-testing)

USB device widget working for fedora based AppVM, but fails for debian based appVMs, notification error = “Error: Qubes Esception Device Attach failed”

Hi @fiftyfourthparallel! This has just come true. There is now a new category for discussions of the upcoming 4.1 release. I’ve moved this topic there.

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