[R4.1] Qubes Screenshot Tool (new version for R4.1)

New version of Qubes Screenshot Tool for Qubes R4.1
(if you still at R4.0 just use previous version)
It can make screenshots, edit, draw, select area, annotate them and upload to imgurl, store log.

What’s new
scrot no longer supported by new dom0 fedora 32 OS. Changed to deepin-screenshot!
Now, it’s much easy to draw, annotate and edit screenshots

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Is anyone concerned that the “new” tool was deprecated 2+ years ago?
“This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.”


You can use xfce4-screenshooter instead of deepin-screenshot:

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Currently, deepin available at dom0 and it make good job. If it will be not available, I will check your suggestion, thanks!

How can screenshots be disabled entirely in R 4.2?

What is the function that makes screenshots possible?

Are saved sessions related to that function?

Is there a checklist to make Qubes as “amnesiac” as possible? No VM logs. No screenshot tool.

Hey @star
If I had ideas for improving the screenshot tool, where would be a good place to discuss/implement them?

There is your repository and there is also the QubesOS-contrib repository, which states that it is 15 commits ahead.
Maybe @fepitre can shed some light on what changes have been commited there.

Is your repository still actively maintained? I see that there has not been much activity since 2021.

In my opinion, qvm-screenshot-tool is still the best way to handle screenshots in Qubes (partly because there isn’t really any other way of handling screenshots in a Qubes-aware way).