R4.1 Kernel 5.8 Support?

I have a computer with an 11th generation Intel processor, the Tiger Lake edition. I understand that the 11th gen can only support Kernel 5.8 and above. Does Qubes R4.1 support Kernel 5.8? If not, is it possible for me to build a version of Qubes with Kernel 5.8?

R4.1 runs fine with kernel 5.10 and 5.11, which can be installed via the package kernel-latest, possibly from the current-testing repository. Butr first you need a runninbg system to perform the qubes-dom0-update command. Hmm…

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Latest builds will have 5.10 as LTS because we switched it recently as default. Briefly checked on Qubes OS openQA we did not make any recent build for R4.1 into our CI with it so you can build it by yourself or wait a little bit.

R4.0.4 has a problem with kernel 5.10.13-1, freezing from time to time - see qubes issue #6458. As this does not happen with R4.1 and kernel 5.10.16-1, it may be important that a version >= 16 is used.

the latest kernel 5.10 and even 5.11 ist working with qubes 4.1 for me,too. Just for me my wired networking not, but that should be a problem of mine and work for you:)

I managed to get Kernel 5.6,5.8 and 5.9 Working with Qubes 4.1 (in fact I’m currently trying the bleeding edge 5.10.11-1 as I type this). As a note, for many experiencing LAN problems here, If you have a Realtex 8125 Ethernet card you need kernel 5.6 or above for it to work in qubes.

You will need to do this on a fresh Qubes install as far as I know.

See my answer on this Qubes Forum Post to get things working.