R4.0 fedora-35 update-> no dns

After updating last night, VMs using my fedora-35 template on R4.0 are getting “temporary” dns errors. Reverting VMs to fedora-34 is my workaround for today and I’ll probably remove and reinstall fedora-35 then update again to see if it resolves (little pun there).

Anyone else run into this issue after the last fedora-35 update?


updating all fedora 35 minimal template yesterday no issue in 4.1

Hmm that thread’s root cause seems to be related to a custom fstab config?

My f35 template is close to vanilla with the exception of enabling some of the optional repos in the repo config.


I just noticed complaints about dns in a day or two. I have no issues with fedors-35 on 4.1

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Reinstalled fedora-35 and performed initial update. No network issues.

I’ll next try turning on the optional repos and see if that gives a different outcome.

Found it:

If one enables the fedora-updates-testing repo in f35 and then performs an update, dns breaks under R4.0.

I have not dug any deeper but if I
I had to guess, I’d bet it’s related to the systemd-resolved-249.11-1.fc35.x86_64 update which calls out the following specifically during the update:

‘/etc/resolve.conf’ → ‘…/run/systemd/resolve/stub-resolve.conf’

If that is or is related to the cause, it might be a call out to something that needs fixing for f36 too.


Followed by

Yes, ludovic, it’s following commands in — for me: Qubes 4.1 — fedora-35 template (latest post on Github Qubes issues by crat0z, 3:47 PM UTC):

sudo systemctl stop systemd-resolved
sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolved
sudo rm /etc/resolv.conf
sudo touch /etc/resolv.conf
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@anon81475885 please, create a new topic, and <del></del> this Edit. One problem, one topic!

The #7429 issue is now closed and the core-agent-linux v4.1.34 package in the 4.1 fc35 stable yum repository.

So if you get this issue, do an update of your fedora-35 template:


You will get again the naming resolution.

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