QWT-cross 4.1.66 is available

QWT-cross project is based on original QWT components and contains bugfixes and improvements maintained by tabit.pro team.

Changelog since previous version:

  • private volume initialization is compatible with R4.0 (thanks to @brendanhoar)
  • profile moving is disabled by default to prevent data corruption and Windows issues
  • fix QWT upgrade to prevent different builds co-installation which break Windows 10 with INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error
  • fix qrexec-agent shutdown to make service restart possible
  • fix qubes.NotifyTools exception
  • improve error logging (remove duplicates, decrease messages level, add details and more)
  • improve power settings to disable hibernation to prevent Windows 10 fails

Follow README instructions to build binaries, iso image and rpm package (no changes here). You don’t need to uninstall previous version manually, it should upgraded by Windows Installer. Don’t forget to backup before upgrading.

Also it can be used with qvm-create-windows-qube script (thanks to @brendanhoar).

Ivan Kardykov


I can confirm that I have built qwt 4.1.66-1 smoothly in fedora-34 dvm, installed it in existed windows qube and everything seem to work as expected for now. The only thing I noticed is that sys-usb HDD successfully attached as blocked device disappears from the list in device widget list, and sys-usb has to be restarted in order to get back the HDD after shutting down windows qube

Thank you so much for the contribution.