QWT bug preventing file move and copy to a Windows 10 Qube

I have used QWT in the past with a Windows 10 Qube and had no issues. However upon recently re-creating a new Win10 Qube and installing QWT using the final version prior to it being discontinued I can no longer copy/moves files into my Windows qube however I can move them out of it.

Note that v4.1.69 QWT is what it shows as in “Add or Remove Programs” in Windows, however I can confirm any version past the one I used for my install will simply contain a README.TXT stating that QWT is discontinued. Also notable is that I used “Move User Profiles” option when I did my install, whereas in the past I typically did not use this option (without it though making Windows AppVMs becomes infeasible).

To clarify, I can copy/paste over the clipboard to/from my Win10 Qube and others just fine, and can also move/copy files out of the Qube, just not into it, so the agent is clearly (partially) working properly. The qvm-features of my Qube and the specific error logs are as follows:

qvm-features MyWindowsVM
qubesmanager.maxmem_value 8000
os Windows
rpc-clipboard 1
stubdom-qrexec 1
audio-model ich6
timezone localtime
no-monitor-layout 1
qrexec 1
gui-emulated 1

These settings were defaults and I have not manually changed them whatsoever.

As for the QWT logs, when I attempt to copy or move a file from another Qube into Windows, the following log files/contents appear at Q:\QubesLogs:

[20240529.192134.723-8752-E] wmain: SHGetKnownFolderPath failed with error -2147024894: The system cannot find the file specified.

[20240529.192134.227-9524-E] CreatePipedProcessAsUser: LogonUser failed with error 1326: The user name or password is incorrect.
[20240529.192134.227-9524-E] StartChild: CreatePipedProcessAsUser failed with error 1326: The user name or password is incorrect.

I am a Windows programmer familiar with the Windows API (both CreatePipedProcessAsUser and SHGetKnownFolderPath) and neither of these errors in the context of my OS make sense to me. I have not done any fancy customization related to my user, password or profile, it is a basic Windows 10 install. My user is an admin with UAC disabled and no password, although I have also tried using a password and this does not prevent the error.

Has someone who has successfully gotten QWT working recently, or a developer familiar with its code base, got any idea how I can get QWT to stop throwing these errors when I try to move/copy files into it?

  1. Lastly to enable file copy operations to a Windows VM, the default_user property of this VM should be set to the <username> that you use to login to the Windows VM. This can be done via the following command on a dom0 terminal: (where <VMname> is the name of your Windows VM)[user@dom0 ~] $ qvm-prefs <VMname> default_user <username>

Warning: If this property is not set or set to a wrong value, files copied to this VM are stored in the folder


If the target VM is an AppVM, this has the consequence that the files are stored in the corresponding TemplateVM and so are lost on AppVM shutdown.