Qvm-usb in dom0 doesn't see any usb devices when there's no sys-usb qube

qvm-usb in dom0 doesn’t see any usb devices, even though lsusb sees them all.
Interestingly, on the graphical icon there is a block device and a microphone shown.
But qvm-usb in dom0 doesn’t show them.
I am trying to attach ubs devices on the console because I am trying to attach a webcam to a cube and the graphical icon doesn’t show it.

Hi @madsurgeon, welcome to the Community!

Do you have a sys-usb qube? Are you using a USB keyboard?

Hi, thank you.

No sys-usb qube. And yes, USB keyboard and mouse.

I am running Qubes 4.1.1 (R4.1).

Although its possible to attach any USB device to any VM using sys-usb is what is intended, so that there is some security through that separation.

Of course I could set up a sys-usb, however, I don’t see how that would help here.
Since the problem is already in dom0. I doubt sys-usb would see anything dom0 doesn’t.
The issue is the difference in output between lsusb and qvm-usb.

I think we have misconception of qvm-usb use, here.

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I have changed the topic title to improve its visibility and to be more precise so it could help other users too, but feel free to put it back or whatever you like

Thank you, now it works!
Yes, it’s not clear in the documentation.

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It wans’t clear, but now absolutely is

Note: Attaching USB devices to VMs requires a USB qube.