Qvm-template: error: Template 'fedora-36' not found

New qubes user here. I’m running a fresh Qubes 4.1 which seems to have installed the fedora 34 template by default. Since fedora 34 is EOL, I’m trying to get the fedora 36 template installed from the qubes repo. I’m following this guide: Templates | Qubes OS

When I try to run “sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-template-fedora-36”, it gives me the following error:
qvm-template: error: Template ‘fedora-36’ not found.

When I try “qvm-template search fedora”, it only shows the version that is installed. I would guess there are problems with the repo configuration. Even trying “sudo qubes-dom0-update --clean -y” seems to have problems accessing repos. It’s giving errors as well, something like “Curl error 60 … certificate not yet valid”

Any help would be much appreciated.

Check your system time, maybe you have your RTC reset after BIOS reset or something.

That was my initial thought, but it looks like the system time is set correctly both in qubes and in the bios.

I think I figured it out. With default settings, it seems it was running some whonix related services. Since I don’t currently intend to use whonix, when the whonix connection wizard popped up on initial boot, I just closed the window. However, I could see that the sys-whonix icon is still present in xfce bar. When I select “Exit” on the sys-whonix icon, I no longer see the reported errors and I am able to install the fedora 36 template and run dom0 updates normally.