Qvm-prefs: error: no such property: 'template_for_dispvms'

I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.

For an existing, working, non-networked debian-10 based qube called printer, I try:

`user@dom0 $   qvm-prefs printer template_for_dispvms True
qvm-prefs: error: no such property: 'template_for_dispvms'

How could this be?

There is no checkbox I can see in the gui settings, either.

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What is the output of qvm-prefs printer klass?

As far as I know, the StandaloneVM cannot be used as a template for DVM

But Qubes 4.1 seems to be able to do it.

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Devil’s choice: install 3rd party printer-company’s software on your regular template but isolate against files-to-print, or; isolate printer work on a standalone, but all documents pass through (including opening them to print) the same virtual machine (i.e. wateringhole/honeypot).

I don’t know enough to understand which of those is more risky. My guess is that the second is safer. If this is a big risk on a Linux OS anyway?

Would really like to try 4.1, but will wait until fully baked.

For reference, you can clone the StandaloneVM as a regular template and use it to create the DVM template.


qvm-clone --class TemplateVM printer printer-template
qvm-create -t printer-template -l red printer-dvm
qvm-prefs printer-dvm template_for_dispvms True

This topic may help you avoid the devil’s choice.

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Exactly that’s the correct way to go.

Lazy people may also want to use their default template (i.e. skip step 1) and install the necessary 3rd party software inside printer-dvm (not the default template!) to some directory that persists, e.g. /usr/local inside printer-dvm. That might not work for all software though. cups usually has all printer drivers though, so most people just need to configure cups.

For printing one would then start a disposable VM based on printer-dvm, qvm-copy the file to print there and print it.

If you use a USB printer directly connected to Qubes OS, you might have to create a named disposable VM and assign the printer to it. For network printers one would have to configure the respective netvms and allow the respective connections.

Brilliant, thankyou very much all.