Quickly resizing a window will crash X server in qube with low memory

With a qube that had 400mb of RAM assigned (debian-11-minimal), resizing a window very quickly (like xterm) will crash that qube’s X server.
Interestingly, maximizing/minimizing doesn’t cause it, nor does slowly dragging the window size bigger, only when very quickly dragged will it occur. Looking at journalctl (via dom0) for that qube shows that the OOM killer was invoked and killed the X server.
Changing it to 500mb of RAM resolved the issue completely.
Is this actually a bug? or just a consequence of running with low RAM?

If you are using the 5.17.5 kernel, see the #7479 issue.

See also the #7481 issue.

I’m on kernel 5.16. And the X server only crashes after quickly resizing. Qube still responds after the X server dies. it will still respond to commands from dom0 (like qvm-run -p vm_name "echo test")