Quickest Way to See Total Free Space

What is the quickest way to see the total free space for an entire system drive not for just an VM?

When I run thunar in dom0, I’m not seeing it and i’m not seeing in qubes manager

i estimate i’ve use 30 percent of space but want exact number

Disk space widget (drive icon in notification area).


I use the i3 window manager and there’s a script for displaying the free disk space in the i3 status bar.

Here’s the function in the script that calculates free disk space, if you’re interested in a quick way to do so via the command line:

status_disk() {
    local disk=''
    local free=''
    local size=''
    local usage=''
    read size <<< $(qvm-pool -i $(qubes-prefs default-pool) | grep 'size' | sort | awk '{print $2}')
    read usage <<< $(qvm-pool -i $(qubes-prefs default-pool) | grep 'usage' | sort | awk '{print $2}')
    free=$(($size - $usage))
    case ${#free} in
            disk="$(($free / 1099511627776))T" ;;
            disk="$(($free / 1073741824))G" ;;
            disk="$(($free / 1048576))M" ;;
            disk="$(($free / 1024))K" ;;
            disk="$free Bytes" ;;
            disk="Error" ;;
    json disk "Disk free: $disk"

The core info is determined in the size and usage variables.