Qui-devices: How do you attach only a partition?


I could never get attaching an individual partition to work automatically (e.g. to have it show up in Thunar after attaching). That always required the manual mounting, handling of permissions etc. to make it usable.

The old qui-devices showed BDF info about devices (which was good) and at least there was the option for attaching an individual partition through the UI. In the new version of the UI, these are both removed.

How do you attach only a partition of a block device?

Unfortunately when thumb drives and the like are partitioned with a root partition and one or more nested partitions, that’s simply not going to work. Which is, of course, what you’re saying!

I am glad I automated it (somewhat) at the price of writing a service that lets the AppVM access a list of available devices. From the user standpoint the AppVM makes the request to do the attachment, dom0 just does it.

Another thing I did was to format most of my thumbdrives as single ext4 file systems. Then, there’s no issue with nested partitions. Of course by doing this the thumbdrive won’t work most places because either ext4 isn’t recognized, or the system can’t cope with not having those nested partitions.

I also recognized the change in the UI after the last update and don’t like it. Before it was possible to see the device name i.e. “/dev/sdb” that had to be forwarded to a vm in order to make it work in a file-manger. I pretty much ignored the other ones named /dev/sdb1 to /dev/sdb4…

Now I see five equally named entries - without knowing which one to choose.
Please undo this change if any developer reads this by chance.

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I also happen to have a thumb drive whose description (given by qvm-devices usb --list) is “USB_SanDisk_3.2Gen1_” followed by a hex number at least 100 characters long. This makes the menu almost as wide as my display since instead of showing the things people on this thread are asking for, it shows you that instead.

Thanks for the feedback. So, it is not just me.

As for the new UI:

Is it possible to revert to the old qui-devices?