Questions about render Seamless window with Passthrough GPU

Hi, I am new to Qubes-OS, and I currently looking for a way to use GPU passthrough without extra hardware setup (monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.).

I’ve seen a post about things like that with VirtualGL

Seamless GPU passthrough on Qubes OS with VirtualGL

I don’t know much about how Xen and QubesOS seamless window works under the hood, and I can’t find any post about that.

I wonder is possible to render the guest screen for Qubes seamless windows directly with GPU that passed in to the guest. instead of the default QubesOS provided virtual video card or something.

NVIDIA users can make use of NVIDIA Prime to natively use the discrete GPU for rendering. This requires the GPU passthrough to be set up though :slight_smile:

Is that not only true for nvidia cards with optimus/hybrid graphics support?

no, works fine with my eGPU which is a regular 1060

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